IC Card Diaphragm Gas Meter

Brand: BEITE
EXW: 30 Day (s)

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Product Introduction
1. Integrated traditional mechanic gas meter with high performance circuits, realizing automated management;
2. Gas accumulation;
3. Prepaid and control the amount of gas consumption;
4. State tips and display the cumulant, balance and other functions;
5. Data protection while power down;
6. Voltage checking and low-voltage warning;
7. Valve automatic closing when in low voltage or out of power;
8. Reminding insufficiency of gas;
9. Magnet attack protection;
10. LCD code reminding.
Technical Parameters
1. Nominal Flow Rate: 1.6-4 m³/h;
2. Max. Flow Rate: 2.5-6 m³/h;
3. Min. Flow Rate: 0.016-0.040 m³/h;
4. Total Pressure Loss: ≤200Pa;
5. Operation Pressure Range: 0.5-30Kpa/0.5-50Kpa;
6. Operation Ambient Temperature: -10~+40℃;
7. Connection Thread: M30X2 or Customization / G 1-1/4" or Customization.
Executive Standard

Warranty Period
12 Months